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Everybody knew about cricket very well. Cricket is one of the popular games played all over the world. All over, the nations are joined together by the international cricket council. Nevertheless, you feel very difficult to explain about the cricket, the person who is new to this game. The cricket is played with 11 players with a bat and ball on a large field. The three main formats are followed in the cricket. They are test matches, one-day matches, and T20 or twenty 20.

Test matches- test matches is nothing but the players has to play six hours per day and the match is scheduled for five days. On each day, the players have permission to take the formals intervals for lunch and tea breaks and also they provide the short intervals in between each innings. These types of rules are applicable for the professional players and also they have to dress in whites.

One-day matches- one-day matches have only limited overs for each team with a limit of 50 and the plan is scheduled for one day. The players have to wear white clothes for a colored ball and have to wear colored clothing for a white ball.

T20 or twenty 20- the t20 matches are scheduled for a single evening and then each team has limited innings to 20 overs.

Official cricket rules for the players:

The person who is injured during the play called “twelfth man”. That particular is not allowed to bat, bowl or wicketkeeper in the cricket game. They are allowed to play when they are completely recovered from the injury. Totally three umpires are to be placed in the game during the cricket gets started. The two is in the ground and the third one is off the field to take the video decisions about the players.

Check the details through the website:

Not everybody can watch the cricket in the stadium, now you can enjoy the game from anywhere and at any time using the bookmarks website. A lot of reliable websites are available for you, to know the status of cricket. Anyone can able to watch the cricket using website and app free.

Now you can check cbtfGroup website IPL match schedule to know the clear details about the match. By the secured bookmark website, the people can able to watch the cricket game lively from the home itself. The fans can get a clear detail about the cricket team players, their scores and the winning possibilities.

In addition, they also know about the future cricket game schedules like which teams are going to play next, at which place etc. nowadays the free cricket betting information’s are also getting in online. If you want, any extra information about the cricket means just go through the information suggested by the seasonal players. You can get a clearance about the game. While watching the previous session, you can also to know about the strength and weakness of the players. 

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